SMOK Coils: The Top 5 Benefits

SMOK Coils - The Top 5 Benefits

If you’re a vaper, you’ve probably heard of SMOK devices, but have you given them a try yet? This company is an industry leader in part because of the wide range of high-quality coils made for its Starter Kits, Mods, and Tanks. Whether you want to quit smoking or chase clouds, five major benefits of SMOK coils will give you the right experience!

SMOK Coils Have A Range Of Wattage

The advantages of SMOK start with the coil material. They use a metal called kanthal, a very durable material that stays effective for longer at high temperatures. When they choose kanthal coils, users don’t have to replace them nearly as often. The metal also helps make SMOK’s range more versatile, making coils for a greater range of vaping devices. For instance, the V8-T6 sextuple design can go between 50 to 240W.


You Don’t Need To Get A Big Rig

Many users like to stay discreet when vaping. SMOK’s mesh coils, like the TFV12 Cloud Beast King, let vapers chase clouds and enjoy bold flavours without having to buy a larger 200W device. While the coils can work with wattage that high, they can also give a top-tier experience for vaping as low as 50 watts!


SMOK Coils Come In A Variety Of Shapes

SMOK is a company that understands something key about the industry: there are many different kinds of vapers! To appeal to these users, the company makes a wide range of coils available. Just look at SMOK’s RPM series – there’s a coil type for everyone!

  • The 0.4 ohm RPM Mesh Coils have a honeycombed mesh design that optimizes flavour. 
  • The 0.6 ohm RPM Triple Coils feature a traditional parallel coil design to focus on a fast ramp-up time and give the vaper excellent cloud production. 
  • The 1.0 ohm RPM SC Single Coil is a slightly lower wattage coil designed for both intense flavour and vapour.
  • The 0.3 ohm RPM MTL Mesh Coil is specifically for a mouth-to-lung vaping experience that focuses on a long-lasting, dense, flavourful cloud.


SMOK Coils Maximize Flavour

SMOK designs its coils for all users, but it doesn’t forget about one important part of vaping: the flavour. Many SMOK coils have a single hole directly in its center, meaning the coil offers very little resistance when taking a hit. This improves the draw while enhancing the taste of each hit! For example, vapers love SMOK’s V8-Baby Q2 and Q4 coils for their open, airy draws that produce a ton of flavour.


SMOK Coils Are Perfect For Cloud Chasers

If you want to take vaping to the highest level, SMOK has the mesh coils for you. For instance, the TFV12s solve the problems of traditional coils by combining high surface area with low mass. The mesh design has more material to increase the amount of heat without overloading the device. The V12 Prince Max Mesh Coils have a huge single mesh vertical coil built to produce those huge clouds about which you’ve been dreaming!