Three Alternative Vape Brands That People Love!

The popular vape brands are entrenched and well known. They’re everywhere, and they’re popular for a good reason. However, this model has some limitations: the company only offers nicotine salts, their pens don’t give off big clouds, and their pods aren’t refillable. If you want to stand out from other vapers, keep your hobby on the down-low, or get a pen system that uses refillable pods, here are three alternatives to the major vape brands that you’ll love!

How Pod Systems Work

Pods are much simpler than other vaping systems, and for many users, that’s their appeal: for vapers who have goals related to smoking, the simpler, the better. A pod system heats up e-juice using a coil, just like other vapes; however, instead of using a tank, the pod uses either a pre-filled cartridge (a “closed” system) or cartridges you can refill (an “open” system). This cartridge then snaps into a small battery that powers the entire device.

If you’re looking for something different than the well known brands, Vapestop carries three excellent alternatives: RELX, Vladdin, and SMOK Novo.



One of the newest pod systems on the market, RELX puts up some serious competition to popular brands. It’s a compact and lightweight pen device designed for both beginner and experienced vapers. This pod system is a convenient vape kit perfectly suited for an everyday vaper, but its sleek and stylish pen design makes it a unique alternative to traditional vapes. Users can also recharge it with any cable used for Android devices, making it very versatile.

RELX pods are almost three times larger than many popular companies (2 ml vs. 0.7 ml), meaning vapers get three times as many draws before they have to swap out the pod in a RELX model.



The Vladdin pod system is similar to popular brands in that it has premium nicotine salt e-juice, excellent portability, and an easy-to-use closed pod vaping system. But Vladdin sets itself apart because of this pen’s ability to atomize the e-juice, reducing it to smaller-sized particles that your system can more easily absorb. For smokers looking to become ex-smokers, it creates a taste that is more similar to cigarettes – without all the harmful stuff, though!

One of the reasons Vladdin is a good alternative is that it’s as consistent and efficient as a well known brand you love. It also has a magnetic connection between the pod and battery that is very effective, with a starter kit that includes a USB charger.



Industry leader SMOK has a pod system of its own! The discreet SMOK Novo pod has air intake grooves on the side, creates a double U-shaped airflow that increases both flavour and vapour production. pods have an ergonomic design mouthpiece with a 2 ml juice capacity, cleverly designed with a simple side-fill to accommodate a wide range of flavourful nicotine salt juices!

SMOK’s Novo kit is what’s known as an “open system,” and its pods are easy to refill. Don’t toss the pods in the trash once they’re empty – just add more of your favourite e-juice! Each pod lasts for at least a week, maybe two depending on your vaping preferences.