What’s The Real Difference Between Juuls And Vapes?

juuls and vapes

A lot of new vapers see high-profile devices like Juul and wonder, “what’s the big deal?” It’s true, Juuls work much like other devices, but there are many big differences. These include the e-juice selection, how the device works, the customizability of the experience, and the size of the device. Let’s break them down one by one. 


The E-Juice


Juuls use a proprietary pod system, and these disposable pods snap right into the device. Vapers can buy them in nicotine strengths of 5.0%, 3.0%, and 1.5%, but they can also reuse the pods with another liquid. However, Juul pods can’t take more than six refills before going bad, and the company has fought long and hard against non-nicotine pods that snap into their device (bootleggers and consumers beware). 


This is the difference between a Juul and any other vape: a user can’t use Juul-branded pods in their device, but they can fill the tank with any other brand of e-juice, whether it has nicotine or not. Because the tank is larger on other vapes, users get more draws before needing a refill, and it’s much less of a hassle than trying to refill a small Juul pod.


How The Device Uses The E-Juice


Juuls work like other vapes: they heat e-juice to create a vapour the user inhales. The difference between it and other vapes is the relative simplicity. When a user takes a draw from the Juul, it activates the battery to sends a current through metal plates and into the coil. This vaporizes the liquid inside the pod, which is at the mouthpiece of the device.


Other vapes have the battery, tank, coil, and mouthpiece as separate parts. While this makes the device bulkier, it also gives users more flexibility. For example, when the coil needs replacing, the vaper can swap in a model more in line with their habits. In Juul devices, the coil is a consistent part of the pod; as mentioned before, the pods don’t last longer than six refills, which is about three or four days. 




For many vapers buying a Juul, simplicity is the attraction. There’s not much else to do with it other than taking in draws and recharging. The only splashes of colour on the otherwise monochrome device come from the battery indicator and the pod flavour. 


This is where other vapes outshine the Juul. Many users love to customize their experience, adjusting the rig as their tastes change. Temperature controls, larger clouds, newer device designs, and other options aren’t possible with a Juul device.




A typical vape has four components: a battery, a heating coil, a mouthpiece and a tank. The Juul combines the coil and tank in its pod and the mouthpiece and battery in the pen. This leaves the Juul very small and discrete, and it’s one reason why Juul took the vaping world by storm, especially for consumers looking to quit smoking. Juuls are about the same length as a cigarette, too, and because it’s very light, it scratches that psychological itch some ex-smokers get when holding their vape.


There are other pen devices like the Juul on the market, but the average vape is larger. The device you choose comes down to your vaping choices, like quitting smoking versus cloud chasing. Juul makes vapes specifically for the former, while larger devices give customized experiences for the latter!