What’s New With Berry Drop E-Liquids?

Here at Vapestop, we love it when e-liquid companies take risks and push flavours to new areas. This was the case with Lemon Drop, a line of e-liquids that all had a lemonade base. 

From the creators of Lemon Drop comes another super creative vape: Berry Drop E-Liquid. The angle on this line is that every e-liquid has a blue raspberry base. With various fruit mixes to choose from, you’re bound to try something that’s unlike anything you’ve tasted before! 


New Berry Drop Flavours

Lemon Drop became notorious for the exciting mix of tart lemonade with a wide variety of fruit flavours. As you can see from the list below, the company hasn’t changed – combining a blue raspberry base with these flavours is a wild choice, but it works! Here’s what’s new:


Cactus: Even experienced vapers who’ve seen everything will get a kick out of this blend of cactus and blue raspberry. The little splash of citrus will keep your palette on its toes!

Grape: Purple grape flavour blends with the blue raspberry base for your new candy crush.

Guava: Another unique fruit flavour, the zesty taste of guava over a classic blue raspberry base is a vape unlike anything else on the market!

Lime: Take your tastebuds on a tropical vacation with this great combination of zesty lime and blue raspberry.

Peach: The fresh tastes of summer in a vape! It combines juicy peach flavouring with the tangy taste of blue raspberry.

Red Apple: Perfect for the Tarantino lover who wants to quit their Red Apple cigarettes. The juicy taste of red apples is mixed up with blue raspberry for a unique experience.


What other company could give a Cactus e-liquid? Whether you want to quit smoking or are looking for a new taste, we can’t recommend Berry Drop e-liquids enough. The company has formulated every option to appeal to ex-smokers, cloud chasers, and those who simply love a tasty vape!


Kick Your Cravings And Chase Clouds

Whatever your flavour choice, every Berry Drop premium e-liquid has a 70/30 PG/VG ratio. All e-liquids have four main ingredients: nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) and flavouring. The 70/30 ratio of PG to VG is the best mix for the flavour crafted by Berry Drop. It’s the ideal blend to give the strong, smooth throat hit of PG while still delivering massive clouds that cloud chasers will love.

Much like Lemon Drop, Berry Drop flavours come in nicotine salt options so that they can cover everyone’s vaping preferences. Every 60ml bottle of e-liquid comes with the nicotine level of your choice: 0, 3, and 6mg of nicotine per millilitre. 

Go for something safe like Grape and Peach or expand your horizons with a new taste like Cactus or Guava. Whatever your preferences, Berry Drop has you covered!