Why Voopoo Drag Kits Are Selling Out Fast

The innovative company Voopoo updated their very popular Drag kit last year, and the response has been almost universally positive. It also shows in the habits of Vapestop customers, because we can’t keep these bad boys on the shelves for long. 

Both new and experienced vapers frequently flock to the Voopoo Drag kits when we get them back in stock. Here are the reasons why, and you’ll see why you’ll want the Voopoo Drag 2 as soon as possible.


The Upgrades 

One of the reasons Voopoo Drag kits are selling out so fast is because the company has a great reputation. The original Drag was a best-selling kit for many reasons, not least of which because the unit started a rapid-firing craze. The 0.01-second firing speed comes from the highly intelligent GENE FIT Chip, a new breed of chip that is said to have the fastest ramp-up time in the industry. The powering of the atomizer comes from several output modes to turn the e-juices into your preferred type of cloud as quickly as possible. All this came to a very affordable price, too!


Just looking at the specs of the Drag 2 is enough to explain its popularity. It’s a dual-18650 mod that fires up to 177 watts, with improved battery efficiency, a higher wattage output range, and a system called FIT mode which matches and protects the tank from burnout. It also comes with the UFORCE T2 sub-ohm tank that is compatible with the whole range of UFORCE coils and has a 5ml max capacity. All this even though the whole kit weighs 157 grams – roughly 50 grams lighter than the original Drag! 


But what many users love is how strong the unit is – with both the Drag and its successor, Voopoo has made an absolute beast of a kit. When you buy a Voopoo Drag 2, you’re getting a unit with a great reputation among vapers for not just the quality of the cloud, but for the quality of the build, too!


It’s Perfect For All Users


Voopoo succeeded because they focused on the tiny issues from the first model. The original Drag model had very minor issues with ergonomics and the quality of the design, flaws on which the Drag 2 improved to make a more user-friendly model than its predecessor. 


The amount of power you get from such a small package makes the Voopoo Drag 2 a very popular kit for both beginners and experienced users. It’s different user settings make it ideal for first-time vapers and cloud chasers. It’s customizable to the preferred experience of the user, too; as newbies get used to their habits and grow accustomed to the FIT mode, they can use new coils and e-juices that suit their needs. 


Reputation means a lot in the vaping industry, and Voopoo has it in spades. But what’s great is that the company has the hardware to back it up, with the foresight to improve past weaknesses. If you want a device that will go the distance and give you a smooth experience, do what so many vapers are doing and go all-in on Voopoo’s Drag 2 kit!