New From Voopoo: Latest Vape Kits and Pods

Voopoo is a company with a reputation for its high-quality vape devices and starter kits. You might best know them for the groundbreaking DRAG 157W Box Mod and its iconic resin display. But the company is not done trying to improve their kits and pods!

Two of the latest vape kits and pods from Voopoo – the DRAG Mini Refresh and the DRAG 2 Refresh – make some big improvements to the models that made them famous. The biggest unveiling, though, is Voopoo’s newest series: the ARGUS Series.


What Is The Voopoo ARGUS Series?

The ARGUS is Voopoo’s latest release, and the two models in the series – the ARGUS GT and the ARGUS AIR – are made for the vaper on the go. Covering the playability of a big smoke and the beautiful and portable version of a small smoke, the ARGUS combines outdoor sports and beautiful travel, which accompany users to explore a more exciting life! Both the ARGUS GT and the ARGUS AIR are tailored for both outdoor cloud chasing and casual settings.


ARGUS GT is one of the smallest, thinnest, and lightest dual 18650 mods available. It has 160W max power output, temperature control mode, the new transformable PnP Pod Tank, and intelligent coil matching with all PnP Series Coils. The military-style packaging design means the GT will look at home inside or out!

For those who want a vaping pod system that fits all their different needs, Voopoo’s ARGUS AIR will blow you away. It delivers big clouds, delicate flavour, great battery capacity, and both a button and draw-activated fire! It has some serious hardware for such a small package: a max 25W output, 900mAh built-in battery, dual POD with internal and external Coils, adjustable airflow, and is compatible with all PnP Series Coils.


What Is The Voopoo PnP Tank?

The PnP Pod Tank is what makes the ARGUS and the two Refresh Editions on our list so special. It’s a new atomizer concept now used in Voopoo’s Mods and Pod, and it makes their system so much simpler. With 4.5mL of e-juice capacity, this tank features a double-hole air intake design and a bottom refill system, making it much easier to top up with your favourite e-liquid.

It’s a true innovation for the vaping world – and Voopoo has added it to two of our favourite mods!



How Did Voopoo Refresh The DRAG Mini?

Voopoo’s next latest vape release is the DRAG Mini Refresh. The DRAG Mini series is a more compact version of the very popular DRAG 2. The built-in 4400mAh battery and a maximum output of 117W gave it a power range that was loved by vapers. With this release, Voopoo gave the whole package an upgrade with the PnP Pod Tank and intelligent coil matching capacity. Vapers will find the experience much more convenient and comfortable!

If the DRAG is your favourite, don’t worry: the Mini Refresh keeps all the excellent features of the DRAG 2 as well as the GENE FIT chip.


How Did Voopoo Refresh The DRAG 2?

Speak of the GENE FIT chip – this major vaping advancement and the FIT mode helped make the DRAG 2 one of the vaping world’s favourite mod systems. It’s back in the DRAG 2 Refresh Edition! This new version of the mod has all the favourite features from the old one, but with Voopoo’s new transformable PnP Pod Tank. The Refresh Edition makes this favourite mod more affordable while improving the power range and vape experience. With a sturdy zinc-alloy chassis, it’s also more durable than the older DRAG 2!