Vape Trends 2020

The last few years have been an exciting time for vaping, and we can expect great things in 2020. From smaller pods to a wider range of e-liquid flavours, here are some of the trends to watch for as the year progresses!


Smaller Devices

smaller devices in 2020 smok nord 2 - vapestopThe recent popularity of pod-based devices was a bellwether for the industry. Many users want smaller devices that still have the customizability and diversity of larger rigs. The technology for developing smaller vapes is improving, and device manufacturers will be expected to come up with even more discreet gadgets.

This trend towards smaller devices comes from users who want more portability. The popularity of pod-based vaping devices like Juul is due to their slim design and USB charging capabilities; plus, they’re easy to carry around and use discreetly. Companies like SMOK and Stlth are getting in on the pocket-sized trend, and we can only expect it to continue in 2020.


More Nicotine Salts

As in years past, many people have resolved to quit smoking in the new year. Vaping has always been a popular way to ease out of the cigarette habit, but one type of pod system gained a lot of popularity towards the end of 2019: nicotine or nic salts. These provide a closer buzz to the one smokers get from a cigarette hit, making them beneficial for those who want to butt out for good.

Nic salts aren’t “salts” as we know them. New pod systems like RELX use a nicotine base combined with an acid; this is the scientific description of salt, and nic salt is not “salty” like what you’d sprinkle on your food. The base and acid create a nicotine solution that is easier to hit, while still maintaining high levels of the stimulant. Many flavours of nic salts are becoming available, and cigarette smokers will have more options in 2020!


More Flavours

kilo flavours 2020 - vapestopDespite the rise of nic salts, freebase nicotine e-liquids are still incredibly popular. Maybe it’s the overblown reaction going on south of the border; maybe vapers are becoming increasingly adventurous. Whatever it is, more users are seeking out fun flavoured e-liquids. This has increased the popularity and range of what’s available, and consumers’ tastes will continue to evolve in 2020. Many people are coming in requesting more new flavours, and most companies are responding to the demand.


Box Mods

geek vape aegis box mod 2020 - vapestopMany users want to customize their vapes as they move from quitting smoking to loving the smooth feel. Box mods provide a DIY feel to creating the perfect vape. Users can have more control over their power and temperature, giving them the chance to increase vapour production. For those looking for more flavour, a smoother throat hit, and a compact package, box mods let them create unique experiences.

What’s great about vaping is that the industry is quick to respond to consumer demand. However, all users should remain vigilant of any attempt to heavily regulate their hobby. Bill 174, a re-examination of vaping laws, has seemingly stalled here in Ontario, but the fickle way the American government talks about vaping regulation should have us all concerned. Let’s keep vaping freely in 2020!