Top Vape Kits Of 2021

2021 is an exciting year for vaping. While vape companies are constantly innovating, the choice among the most popular vape kits of the year will blow everyone’s mind. 

Rather than choose a side, more manufacturers are catering to both mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct lung (DL) vapers, new and experienced users, ex-smokers and cloud chasers – no matter what kind of vaper you are, there’s a kit for you in this list!


Uwell Caliburn G Device Kit


With a reputation for being a kit that maximizes flavour, Uwell had a lot to live up to when upgrading their Caliburn device. The new Caliburn G not only preserves the incredible taste but comes with a few improvements, too. 

The Caliburn G has more battery capacity than its predecessor, meaning it’s possible to get more hits between charges. A combination of adjustable airflow and replaceable coils means that vapers can also change their experience when they change their coil. 

Plus, did we mention the flavour? With refillable pods, the Caliburn G will let users taste their favourite e-juice in whole new ways!


Aspire PockeX


One of the best choices this year is the Aspire PockeX. It’s the ultimate All-in-One (AIO) vape: its 0.6Ω stainless steel U-Tech coil, wide drip tip, and incredible airflow all fit in a device that’s shorter than an iPhone. What most people are talking about, though, is the PockeX’s throat hit – this is the feeling when the vapour hits the back of the throat upon inhale. Aspire has 

With a solid build quality and one of the best throat hits available, the Aspire PockeX is one of the best devices for new vapers in 2021. It’s got everything a vaper could need in a discreet, pocket-sized package!


Voopoo Drag S or Drag X 


Voopoo’s Drag devices have always been for the vaper who wants to make an impression. They combine stitched leather and solid metal to create original-looking vapes that are also comfortable to hold. The choice depends on vaping habits and how much power you want!

The Drag S produces 60W of power using a fixed 2500 mAh battery; the Drag X can perform up to 80W with a replaceable 18650 battery (not included). While the Drag S is smaller, the Drag X is ideal for vapers who want to swap out the battery rather than attach the entire device to a cable.

No matter what they choose for 2021, users can expect a lot of power, flavour, and performance from Voopoo’s Drag series. 


SMOK Nord 4


SMOK’s latest pod system gives vapers a top-shelf experience that’s well within anyone’s budget. The Nord 4 uses a bottom press-fit installation method, making taking a hit as close to effortless as it gets. The device’s impressive dual airflow control dials let vapers toggle between their preferred vape cloud sizes with ease. 

SMOK has made the Nord 4 much more compact, though it still has many cool features: a vivid OLED display and two-button controls create a very user-friendly experience. The Type-C port also makes charging much faster!


Geekvape Aegis Pod Kit


If you’re looking for a vape to take into the great outdoors? The Geekvape Aegis is small enough to fit in any pack yet strong enough to survive even the gnarliest trip. The military-grade toughness of the Aegis pod is why more users are choosing it for 2021 – we all hope to spend a little more time outdoors this summer!

Geekvape has long made systems for cloud chasers, and the Aegis Pod is no different. The cartridge of this kit features a 3.5ml large capacity and 0.6ohm mesh coil for great flavour. The pod system gets its power from an internal 800mAh battery, and users can charge it with a convenient USB Type-C port.