What’s New With: STLTH Avalanche Pod Packs?

STLTH‘s mission is to provide an effective alternative to traditional tobacco products for adult smokers. They’re a homegrown product, too: STLTH pods are filled, assembled and packaged in a facility in Ontario where each batch of e-liquid is tested and approved.

We’ve always known STLTH to be a company dedicated to pushing e-juices to new areas. Their line of Pod Packs comes in a wide variety of flavours that meet the tastes of all adults. One of them is the Avalanche Pod Pack.


What Is The New Avalanche Flavour?


One of the newest flavours in the STLTH line, Avalanche Pod Packs have one of the most complex flavours of any e-juice on the market. The icy green apple flavour perfectly balances with sweet notes of honeydew and watermelon.

Like all STLTH pods, you’ll find Avalanche in three nicotine strengths to meet your needs – 20 mg/ml, 35 mg/ml, and 50 mg/ml. 


STLTH Avalanche Is Ideal For Soon-To-Be Ex-Smokers


Founded by entrepreneurs who used vaping to quit their own cigarette addictions, STLTH committed themselves to devices that adult smokers can use. Their pod-based devices are practical, affordable and, above all else, effective!

Each pack of Avalanche STLTH Pods contains three 2.0mL pods filled with nicotine salts. With up to 50 mg of a proprietary nicotine blend per mL, this system will help adults make a smoother transition away from traditional tobacco.

Nicotine salts have high nicotine strengths compared to the usual 3 or 6 mg in regular e-juices. If you’re new to nic salts, we recommend trying the 20mg/ml option first.


How Can I Use STLTH Avalanche Pods?


If you’re looking to meet your nicotine cravings with the unique taste of STLTH Avalanche, you’ll need to have the right device. Luckily, not only is STLTH making quitting smoking easy, they’re making it affordable, too! 

Unlike other vaping devices, there are no coils or refills. Take a puff like you would on a cigarette, and when the pod is done, swap it out for another one. Keep the pods and dispose of them at dedicated drop-off locations across Canada. The pen device is built for practical everyday usage with a robust 420 mAh battery, which you can recharge using a standard micro USB charging port.

As we said, STLTH is affordable. The starter kit is only $24.99, with Pod Packs starting at only $14.99. Each pod should last between 2 and 5 days, depending on how often you turn to your STLTH device. Considering the cost of a pack of cigarettes, this is a bargain!

Remember, we only sell STLTH Pod Packs and other vaping products to those of legal age to consume. These vaping products can contain nicotine, which Health Canada warns is a highly addictive chemical.