How To Make The Most Out Of Your Monthly Vape Budget

Many vapers turn to e-juice to quit smoking, and they do it for more than health reasons – cigarettes can burn a serious hole in one’s wallet! But vapers of all kinds set monthly budgets for themselves and try not to go over the money allotted to their hobby. If you’re one of these consumers, you know how challenging this can be! 

Here’s how you can make the most out of that monthly vape budget and still enjoy the vapes you love!


Try Something Less Disposable


Disposable vapes may be cheaper at the point of purchase, but that doesn’t make them less expensive in the long run. If you’re following a strict monthly budget, pay a little more upfront for a rig you can refill. It will get you a lot further!

Don’t get us wrong, of course – disposables are great, especially when you take up vaping for quitting smoking. But if you’re a serious vaper, there’s no sense in wasting money on a device you’ll toss out after a week; make the upgrade and save money.


Buy A Device You Know You Can Rely On


The internet has made vaping a Wild West. Even in a world of tightening restrictions and market standards, there are many brands, products, and sellers that you cannot trust. Buying a shoddy knock-off product means you’re either constantly repairing it or tossing them out and paying again. It can also put your health at risk!

Always do your research before buying an e-cig set up, and talk to experts like us. We can help you make a choice that will be an investment. Never trust rock-bottom prices from independent sellers either – what you see online is not always what you get.


Take Care Of What You Buy


There’s no avoiding having to replace certain components such as coils. However, by taking care of your vaping device, you can help it last you much longer, and most devices are easy to take apart and maintain!

For example, before swapping in a new coil, properly prime and break in the coil head to reduce the likelihood it’ll burn out early. Also, clean out your tank regularly so that dust and build-up don’t reduce its effectiveness. It’s a good idea to keep your vape mod in a protective case to make damage less likely.


Keep Track Of Battery Usage


Batteries can be a sneaky cost, but they’re one of the easier expenses to keep down. You need to monitor your usage and charge it at the right times. The best way to charge the battery when it’s not completely dead. Keep a spare battery handy so that, when it’s time to plug in the one in use, you can keep on vaping.


Buy Legit Products From A Store You Can Trust


While it’s easy for us to say caveat emptor (that’s “let the buyer beware”) and shrug our shoulders, the good people behind Vapestop work hard to build trust in our community. Who knows how many customers we’ve lost because they had a bad online shopping experience? We want you to be comfortable, which means being upfront about products. 

Always look for signs the store is one you can trust – do they have good online reviews? Do they have a physical location in your area? Can you get in touch with and speak to a real human being? It only takes a couple of minutes online to check for this information, and doing so can save you a lot of lost expenses!