Atomizer Guide

The world of atomizers is constantly growing and introducing new products all the time but how do you know which ones to purchase? Our guide will help you choose and understand the perfect atomizer for you! One of the biggest questions you should ask yourself before selecting a new atomizer is whether you prefer an atomizer that is disposable or one that uses replaceable coils or rebuildable coils.

Disposablevape stop atomizer

This type of atomizer is most commonly found in vape stores or gas stations. When you are finished with the atomizer you simply dispose of it. Great product for beginners or light vapers. If you do not have a lot of interest or knowledge in more complex vapes than this is the perfect atomizer for you. You won’t experience an exceptional amount of vapor and flavor though, which is not necessary for vaping. Disposable atomizers don’t come with as many features but in the end, this product is very affordable, especially for new vapers!


This type of atomizer is the most commonly used around the world! When you need to replace the coil, you need to unscrew the old coil and screw on a new one. This type of atomizer has pyrex glass and the ability to control the airflow, which makes this a much more customizable vape. You do not need much experience to replace your coil. There are tons of simple how-to videos online on replacing a coil. The replaceable atomizer does cost a little more but worth it for most vapers!


This type of atomizer offers you the most control over your vaping experience. The best flavor and cloud production comes from this atomizer! Rebuildable atomizers are used on a box mod or other mechanical mods. This type of atomizer is more expensive initially but usually levels out over time and saves you lots of money. Rebuildable atomizers are harder to understand and many find that they take too much time to learn how to use. You will need your coils and wicks, including tools such as tweezers, scissors, small wire cutters, and screwdrivers. You can find coil kits here.