Vaping vs Smoking

Vaping has been increasing in the past decade slowly replacing cigarettes. You may have heard how effective vaping is when you are looking to quit smoking but how effective is vaping? Is vaping safe or healthier than cigarettes? In this post, we will explore both sides of the table so you can use vaping the safest and most beneficial way.

Cigarettes, How Bad Are They For You?

Research shows that cigarettes can cause cancer, circulation problems, heart stroke, pneumonia and much more. Heavy smokers usually deal with frequent coughing, troubles breathing, increased dental issues and other long-term negative effects. Cigarettes also come with the baggage of their scent they leave behind and usage of an open flame/burning. Many fire-related incidents are related to burning cigarettes.

Vaping, How Bad Is It For You?

Of course, inhaling any kind of smoke is not healthy but the types of chemicals and additives are very different between vaping and cigarettes. Vaping has only 4 main ingredients but cigarettes have over 599 additives. The types of chemicals that are used in vaping are very different and safer also. While you are vaping you are basically inhaling a “steam cloud” with flavor. You can still receive and choose how much nicotine in your eLiquid you prefer but there are not a ton of toxic chemicals in eLiquids. Make sure you are using brand name liquids so you know what you are vaping!

Thousands of people switch to vaping from smoking all the time! Many people report it is easier to breathe, less coughing and they feel overall healthier.