Vaping And Replacement Parts: What Needs Replacing And Why

Is a part on your vaping device not as effective as it once was? Is it shot all together? Buying replacement parts are much more cost-effective than replacing the entire device when one part doesn’t work anymore. So many components of the standard vaping device can easily be swapped out for new ones, without affecting how well your rig works.

There are three major parts of which you should have extras on hand, no matter the device type – the vape coil, the batteries, and the e-juice. Whatever else you need depends on what you’ve chosen to use!

Vape Coil

This is one of the parts of your device that requires replacement over time. A burned-out coil can make for an uncomfortable experience, and one hit with a bad one will leave you with an incredibly bad aftertaste in your mouth. This is what’s known as a “dry hit”, and it’s caused by the burning of the wicking material, usually cotton. It can ruin the whole experience, and inhaling that smoke isn’t good for you, either.

To avoid the dreaded dry hit, you have to pay attention and change the coil as soon as it’s no longer useful. Usually, the first sign of a coil losing its effectiveness is a “gurgling” noise; it indicates that the coil is not working as it should so replace it when you hear this sound. The other sign is that burnt taste, and if you detect even a hint, swap out that coil ASAP. Having extras on hand will let you swap and get back to vaping with only the slightest interruption.


This one’s a no-brainer: you’ll want extra batteries around. Most devices need specific types of batteries, not your routine AA. Though you’ll probably get one or two with your kit, having some backups on hand will guarantee you’re not stuck without juice (the figurative electrical juice). Be a conscious consumer and buy rechargeable ones.


New e-juice is important not just so you get different flavours and experiences – you’ll want fresh juice if or when what you have goes bad. E-juice does indeed have an expiration date, and an expired juice will have an irregular colour, smell bad, and will be thicker than usual. This can leave a residue in the bottle, and it can be too viscous to drip into the tank.

Having a number of juices on hand will mean you won’t have to suffer through an expired product. In case you can’t afford a lot of different e-juices, lengthen the shelf life of the ones you have by keeping the bottles tightly sealed and storing them in a cool, dark place where light can’t degrade the juice.

Assorted Extra Parts

The great thing about many vaping devices is that if a major part breaks – not just the coil, but even something like the tank or mouthpiece – can easily be swapped out. You can even improve your device with new parts that enhance the experience. If you’re new, start with a beginner kit with everything you’ll need. You will quickly learn what you want from a device, and you can move to the exact vape that works for you.