How To Get Replacement Vape Parts

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Your vape requires many different parts and accessories. You can get the components needed for replacement with us of course, and we can recommend the right piece to enhance every vaping session. However, many imitators are trying to sell you counterfeit products at rock-bottom prices. 

Here’s what you need to look for in replacement parts – and why you shouldn’t go in for the lowest price online!

Parts To Replace: Tanks, Coils, and Batteries

replacement coils - vapestopThe three parts that every vaper will need to replace at some point are the tank, coil, and battery.

  • Tanks: The tank is the reservoir for the e-juice. Many vape companies develop, design and produce various tanks for their specific model. They also come in different models: “mouth-to-lung” tanks produce a small amount of vapour and have a restrictive draw that mimics that act of smoking; “direct-to-lung” tanks have increased airflow that allows you to inhale straight through the pull. It’s best to find one that is manufacturer-approved and enhances the type of vaping experience you want.
  • Coils: This component needs to be changed far more often than the other two parts on this list. Depending on the usage, you could need to put in a new coil every 2 – 4 weeks. It can depend on the type of e-juice you’re using because the higher the VG content, the faster the wick on the coil will wear out. Buy coils that adapt to your tank size, preferably from the same manufacturer.
  • Batteries: If you notice the “low battery” alert happening earlier and more frequently, it’s almost time to change your rig’s battery. You can expect to change it replacement 18650 batteries - vapestopevery year or so, but with heavy use, the battery can lose its juice within a couple of months. It’s important to only use batteries that are suitable for your device and atomizer. Only use batteries with a high-drain capacity and that can create the right discharge rate. Before buying, be aware of the amps required for your particular setup.


Frequent vapers might find it helpful to have spare coils and batteries on hand, while you can swap out the tank when it becomes necessary.

Looking For A Reputable Source

vapestop storefrontYou must get your replacement vape parts from a trustworthy source. One bad coil can ruin your experience and cost you more in the long run! Before you enter your credit card information at an online shop, do your research and check if it’s too good to be true. Independent storefronts on sites like Amazon or eBay might offer the best price, but they’re likely selling a counterfeit product. The fakes will not only last a shorter amount of time but will ruin the taste of your vapour and could cause damage to other parts of your device.

After finding a seller that you can trust, purchase vape parts that are made by the same manufacturer as your rig. It’s the best way you can guarantee that the coil, tank, and batteries will all fit together and work properly.