How Do You Fix A Juul That Won’t Charge?

The Juul device comes with its own magnetic USB charging dock to power up. When you run out of electrical juice, the battery doesn’t need longer than an hour on the charging dock to fill up. 

Sometimes when you go to take a hit, though, the Juul won’t light up. Before you start to panic, make sure your Juul charger is connected to an adequate power source and that the device is making a secure connection to the dock. 

Cleaning The Connectors

One of the most common charging problems Juul users encounter can be solved by cleaning the connection. The bottom can become clogged with gunk from everyday life, and this can prevent the charging contacts from getting flush with the station. 

A quick clean can solve this problem. Using a dry or slightly moistened cotton swab, clean the charge contacts on the device and the charging base.

Keep The Connectors Dry

Make sure the swab your using is only slightly wet at most, because connecting your Juul to a wet terminal can create extra conduction that can cause problems for your vape. If the Juul gets wet accidentally, dry it immediately before the moisture can cause problems with the Juul’s connectivity.

Place the wet Juul in a bag full of something that absorbs moisture, like rice, and let it dry up the moisture you can’t reach. Take the Juul out of the rice, wipe it with a dry cloth, and try hooking it up to the USB dock again. Pay close attention for the first few minutes it’s connected, and if it seems to have no issues, you’re good to go.

Poor Connections Cause Weak Hits

A low battery caused by poor connectivity can cause another major headache: weak hits. Cleaning both the ports and the dock can clear this up, but weak hits can also be caused by bubbles in the pod. Take out the pod; if you can see bubbles, tap the pod with the mouthpiece pointed up on the table until they disperse. 

Why Is My Juul’s Battery Dying So Soon?

One of the advantages of the Juul pod system is that it’s incredibly small. But a small system will have a small battery, and the Juul’s battery will stay alive for roughly 200 hits. So if you’re taking a large number of draws from the system, the Juul won’t last more than a few hours. If it’s running low on battery sooner than you thought, there’s probably nothing wrong with your Juul itself; just keep your charger handy, and this is easy because it’s pretty small, too. 

Don’t Fall For Fake Juul Accessories

If you’ve lost your charging dock, don’t go searching around online for the cheapest replacement. Low-quality chargers made by imitators can do harm to your Juul’s battery over time. The power may not be able to recover even when you return to a legit charger. 

Internal Problems

If the Juul is firmly connected to a legit dock and it still won’t charge, it could be that an internal wire is disconnected. The best solution for this is to replace it. Juul Labs offers a 1-year Limited Warranty, so keep your receipt or another piece of purchase evidence because they may request a proof of purchase before warranty service is provided. This does not cover lost devices.