BMI Mods – Why Are They So Popular?

BMI Touch mods are very popular within the vaping community. BMI Touch mods are solid, durable, clean and sleek. You may have seen one of these mods on popular social media platforms or walking down the street. So, why are these mods so expensive but still so popular?

Who Is BMI? 

Based within the Heart of the Vaping Universe (Orange County Ca.), BMI has a tendency to be able to spot and act on new and approaching trends within the quick growing Vaping industry. Originally BMI’s owners wanted to quit smoking and then it lead them to their passion of creating premium vape mods. BMI is committed to their craft, with many years of experience and skill, they have implemented strict internal control differently then other vape companies. All of BMI’s products are researched + designed in their Southern American state home. They continue to offer vaping mods that never disappoint. 


One of the main benefits and missions of BMI is to product a durable vape that still looks amazing. BMI has special test videos for their vapes you can view instantly:



That statement says it all. In true BMI Fashion they wanted to keep the aesthetic simple and as “Clean” as possible. You’ll need little to no effort opening the signature BMI sliding door system. On the inside you have the famous BMI TOUCH Screen Chip set. Each mod is precisely designed and tested by BMI trusted company professionals.

BMI offers wholesale to many vape stores around the world. Their website usually sells out soon as products arrive! BMI Touch mods fail to disappoint the vaping community, as they are made with strict quality control from the design phase right to the store’s shelf. If you are looking to find one of these premium vape mods, check out Vapestop in London, Ontario today!