What’s New With Uwell: Caliburn Kits and Pods

Looking for the best way to start your New Year’s resolution? A discreet pod system is an ideal way to quit smoking or enjoy flavourful vapes, and we have just the thing for 2021: the Caliburn kit from Uwell. Uwell’s Caliburn G Pod System is an incredible little device that brings lots of firepower. It’s one of the best starter kits for new users, and here’s what has us excited about this pod vape!

Caliburn G Pod’s Draw And Button Activations

The Caliburn G pod system brings the best pod-based vaping has to offer: it’s portable, slim, and streamlined for easy use. It has both air draw-activation and button firing, giving vapers more options to control their experience. When you inhale, the Caliburn kicks into gear, producing impressive clouds out of such a small device. Air pressure sensors in the device create this experience without having to rely on a conventional fire button!

For the vaper that prefers extra power and control, they can skip draw activation and use the more traditional firing button. This lets them control more of the power that creates the vapour, providing more customization. As if that wasn’t enough practicality, the Caliburn G has two different airflows – restricted DTL (direct to lung) vape and MTL (mouth to lung) vape – to help more users get the experience they want.

Uwell wasn’t content to leave it at that – they’re making pod vapes a lot easier to fill and enjoy, too!


Caliburn’s Extra Features

The Uwell Caliburn system makes it easy to enjoy vapes wherever you are. The new Caliburn includes safety protections with a five-click on/off feature (so you don’t accidentally fire it!), a magnetic pod cartridge connection, and a LED battery indicator. 

One feature we’re excited about is the removable drip tip cap for top filling. The 2.0ml Replacement Pods are easy to swap out and fill when you need more juice – remove the mouthpiece, open the stopper on the top of the pod, and inject the e-juice! You’ll find the e-juice in many different nicotine strengths, as well as liquid with no nicotine at all.


Power And Simplicity: Uwell’s Caliburn System Is Perfect For Beginners

The Caliburn G will help you vape all day, too. It has a battery capacity of 520mAh and supports a maximum of 11W output, an excellent amount of power for the price you’ll pay for a whole kit.

Uwell’s Caliburn starter kit is ideal for anyone new to vaping. It gives the vaper simplicity and modern tech features that will satisfy their needs without breaking the bank. The kit comes with a Uwell Caliburn Battery, two Uwell Caliburn Pod Cartridges, a USB Charge Cable, and a user manual.