What’s New With Envi: Boost Puffs

Disposable pen vapes are some of the most popular device types on the market. Even in a crowded field, Envi is a rising star, and their disposable vape pens are flying off the shelves. The company’s new Boost Puffs is an improvement on their already popular system. How have they improved the Envi vape pen?

More Puffs Per Pen

Vape pens are more powerful than ever, and Envi Boost Puffs are one of the best examples. The biggest attraction of the new Envi model is that users get up to 1500 pulls from one pen. The Boost is capable of producing over 1000 puffs more than the Envi Core! 

100 hits are roughly the equivalent of 10 cigarettes; a complete vape can last the same amount as 150 cigarettes, or about six packs of cigarettes. Without the tar or chemical additives you’d find in cigarettes, and at $17 a pop, Envi Boost is both a health-conscious and cost-effective choice! Depending on where you are in your quest to quit smoking, you’ll find the right Envi strength to meet your needs. 


Different Nicotine Strengths

Envi is a top choice among vapers looking to quit smoking. Health officials believe nicotine to be both psychologically and physically addictive, which is why many vapers who started as smokers pick disposable pen devices or e-liquid with nic salts. Pens simulate the feel of holding a cigarette while delivering high levels of nicotine to meet cravings. Ex-smokers can find vape juice in varying nicotine levels, and they must choose the right nicotine strength considering their dependence on the chemical. 

While you can’t find the array of Boost Puffs in non-nicotine versions, users can buy Envi Boost in 20mg and 60mg per pen. 20mg is ideal for casual smokers or those who go through a pack every couple of days; 60mg is for pack-a-day to several packs-a-day smokers.


Envi Boost Puffs Pack A Lot Of Power In A Small Package!

The package in which you’ll find the e-juice is incredibly intuitive. The pen and equipped with an all-new anti-slip technology providing a superior vaping experience. For cloud chasers, the two nicotine levels deliver different vapour production experiences: the 20mg Envi Boost Puff will create medium-sized clouds, while the 60mg is more discreet with less vapour.

The Boost Puffs use a new flavour recipe, giving vapers an enhanced taste and more sweetness than Envi’s previous pens. The flavour spectrum is wild: vapers can choose from Blue Razz, Grape, Green Apple, Orange Mango Guava, Banana Iced, Lush Iced, Mango Iced, and Orange Iced.

If you’re looking for a vape pen that lasts a long time and packs a flavourful punch, take it from thousands of other users and give Envi’s new Boost Puffs vape pen a try!