Why Is Juul Such A Successful Vape Brand?

Juul came out of Silicon Valley like a bat out of hell, looking to inject some fashion and simplicity into the e-cig world. Four years after its debut, this brand has more than 70% of the American market in its grasp, and Canada hasn’t been immune to its charms.

Juul’s products are not just popular – they’re absolutely dominating the market. How did this particular vape brand get so successful?

Juul Is Perfect For Beginners

Vaping can be a bit daunting for anyone looking to enjoy it on its own or to use e-juice to kick a cigarette habit. There are a lot of different kinds of rigs, accessories, and e-juices to choose from, and for any beginner, it can all be a bit overwhelming.

So much of this brand’s success comes down to one thing: ease of use. Pax Labs, the company that invented the Juul and eventually renamed itself after the chief product, jumped past all the complexities of vaping devices and made an incredibly user-friendly product. For anyone just starting to vape, Juul is a great brand because their line of devices and juices are easy to understand, there are no complicated buttons or add-ons, and the pods providing the e-juice are disposable.

There are no coils to change or tanks to refill – just a device and the pod for e-juice. This means getting on board is relatively simple compared to other device: the Juul Starter Kit is a comprehensive package that comes with a rechargeable device, a USB charger, and 4 pods.

Juul Juice Is Great For Kicking Smoking

Vaping to quit cigarettes is always a noble pursuit, and Juul’s popularity rests in how they’ve catered to smokers looking to butt out. The company has a proprietary e-juice formulation known as nicotine salts, which sounds at first like a salty vapour. But what Juul Salts actually do is mimic the nicotine that is delivered from cigarette smoke. This makes Juul vaping feel more like an actual cigarette than many of its competitors, and making a popular choice for ex-smokers who need to ease out of it.

Gorgeous Designs and Convenience

Juul’s design almost makes it the iPod of vaping. The devices are compact, refilling or swapping out flavours is easy, and it fits comfortably in your pocket. It’s amazingly minimal in design, not unlike the product that made mp3s the perfect fashion accessory, and the size lets it be used discreetly.

We should mention that Juul’s “prettiness” has also made it popular among youth, but the company has taken many steps to prohibit underage access to their products. We do too: Vapestop strictly abides by Ontario law, and it is illegal to sell e-cigarettes and supplies to anyone under the age of 19. Before we can sell anyone Juul products, we require proper government approved identification from the customer.