Three Reasons To Love The DotMod DotSquonk Mod

Squonking is a recent innovation in vaping, doing away with the conventional rebuildable dripping system in favour of an internal e-juice reservoir that gives you more time between refills. One of our favourite squonks is the stylish dotSquonk by dotMod.  

Squonking is expanding the horizons of expert vapers everywhere, remaking the experience within a nice, tidy package. So why do we love dotMod’s dotSquonk in particular? For three simple reasons: it’s affordable, it’s powerful, and it looks amazing!

The dotSquonk Looks Incredible.

While looks aren’t everything, dotMod outdid themselves with this mechanical mod. There are many features within a tidy package, and the 24k gold-plated buttons add some extra luxury to it. The custom squonk bottle also makes it look and feel like a premium vape! You can even accessorize with replaceable side panels.

This Mod’s Got It Where It Counts.

dotMod didn’t just make something that looks incredible – they upgraded the squonk experience! This newest model integrates the well-known dotChip technology with a 100W maximum output. They designed a large 11ml bottle for the dotSquonk, and the increased capacity is a huge plus for frequent vapers. It also supports 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries with its high-quality adapter, which is great news for vapers on-the-go.

The dotSquonk is highly adaptable, too. The 510 connection is mounted on a longer spring than most other mechanical mods, letting this one accept almost all drippers 25mm and lower without drippage. Thanks to the width of the channel, even thick, 100% vegetable glycerin e-juice can pass through without problems. The refill process is easy, too; the layout of the space behind the panels makes the bottle’s removal, refilling, and reinstallation very simple and accessible.

All of this makes the vaping experience very comfortable for seasoned vapers. It’s very compact, right down to the fire button: it’s large enough to be easy to find and is positioned where you’d naturally place your index finger or thumb. Every push comes with a satisfying click, but it’s not loud enough to ruin the overall look of the device.

The dotSquonk Is Affordable!

Advanced vapers can rejoice: you’ll get so much bang for your buck with the dotSquonk. The full package reflects the beauty and ingenuity of this mod, while the price reflects… well, something else! You get: 

  • One dotSquonk 
  • Two removable doors
  • One 18650 Battery sleeve 
  • One silicone Juice Bottle with an Ultem top
  • One 510 connector o-ring
  • One brass 24k gold plated 510 squonk pin 
  • One certificate of authenticity

One word of note: the dotSquonk, like other mechanical mods, is best suited for advanced users. dotMod themselves warns that improperly using, transporting, and storing a mechanical mod may cause fire or explosion. Make sure to follow the care instructions when cleaning and maintaining the device.