Why Are Vitamins Added By Manufacturers To Vape Oils And Products?

Most vape juices are pretty simple: a liquid mix of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol (the VG and PG), any flavouring compounds, and possibly nicotine. Several manufacturers are now adding vitamins, essential oils, and herbal ingredients to vape oils and products. Why would they do this?

Vaping Vitamins: Is This Effective?

Some vaping companies claim that their vitamin-infused vapes can work as a supplement. It’s possible, and it helps to understand the science of the lungs first. The lungs are an effective delivery system for oxygen because of the millions of sacs called alveoli – they maximize surface area and help oxygen enter the bloodstream and carbon dioxide leave it. Once in the lungs, oxygen is moved into the bloodstream and carried through your body. 

There’s evidence suggesting that it’s a good way of delivering vitamins to the bloodstream, too, which is why some manufacturers add vitamins to vaping oils and other products. Some companies claim that a few puffs on their vapes deliver ten times the recommended daily dose of vitamin B12. While this isn’t a replacement for a well-balanced diet – and some researchers are still skeptical about whether they’re effective at all – vitamin-enhanced vapes might be worth it if your body is deficient in nutrients. 

However, vitamins have also given vapes a bad name – these days, many manufacturers are trying their best to avoid vitamins in their products. While it sounds contradictory, it’s all about the health of the vaper. 


Are Some Vitamins Bad For Vapers?

Not all vitamins are good, however. The vaping delivery system has shown how the wrong vitamin can harm the body. For example, vitamin E acetate, a name given to chemicals called tocopherols, was added to cheaper vapes to thicken them; people thought it was safe because vitamin E acetate is safe to eat. Manufacturers would also add them to their products to help preserve lung function. 

But it backfired – instead, vitamin E is the cause of EVALI, which stands for e-cigarette or vaping product use associated with lung injury, a serious condition associated with vaping too much vitamin E. It was on the rise a few years ago due to bootleg THC vapes – people were cutting the e-liquid with tocopherols to reduce the cost of making them. 

Now, you’re likely to see many vaping products assuring users that no vitamin E is present. But that’s not to say that vapes with vitamins are bad for your health. If you’re partaking in this hobby or are using a vaping device to give up smoking, getting extra vitamins in the vape isn’t a bad idea. Just make sure that you’re buying a legitimate product with an accurate ingredient list!