How Do The Three JUUL Pod Flavours Stack Up?



JUUL is still the most popular disposable vape system in North America. You might still hear people say “juuling” when they mean “vaping.” It’s supposed to simulate the feel of smoking, both in the taste and the feel of the device. It’s also very discreet, meaning you won’t call attention to yourself using a JUUL outdoors. 

Here in Ontario, you can find JUUL pods in three different flavours: Mint, Virginia Tobacco, and Golden Tobacco. How do they stack up against one another? 

Virginia Tobacco


JUULJUUL is an electronic cigarette with many imitators, but it has led the way in providing convenient, easy-to-use vaping for adult smokers. In 2015, e-liquid formulation that contained nicotine was introduced for the first time, making it an appealing alternative to larger systems on the market.

Since the beginning, JUUL users have relied on this pod system to help them quit smoking. Naturally, when a person has an overwhelming craving, they want something that doesn’t just feel like a cigarette but tastes like one, too! It’s why one of the best JUUL pod flavours is Virginia Tobacco. It’s strong and pleasantly familiar, effectively scratching that urge for nicotine. 


Golden Tobacco


Virginia Tobacco has a slight harshness to the flavour, but not all users want everything that comes with a cigarette. If you’re looking for a slightly smoother tobacco flavour, JUUL’s Golden Tobacco gives you a little variety. It has a smooth tobacco flavour with what the company describes as “leathery notes and a mellow finish.” Perfect for the sophisticated ex-smoker!




One of the best JUULs is mint – a totally different flavour from tobacco flavors. Mint e-juice has a fresh and crisp taste of peppermint. Mints are known for their smooth throat hits, and this product doesn’t disappoint. There’s also a cooling effect, which adds to the overall experience when inhaling and exhaling.


What Can I Expect From JUUL E-Juice?


JuulOne of the reasons why people still use JUUL as a shorthand for vaping is that the propriety e-juice is one of the best on the market. The e-juice is a formulation combining glycerol, propylene glycol, flavour, nicotine and benzoic acid. The extracted nicotine salt is known to more closely imitate the absorption rate of nicotine coming from traditional smoking while providing a smoother inhale. 

All of this comes in a disposable pod that’s simple to use and perfect for first-timers. Together with temperature-regulated vapour technology, the chemistry lets JUUL’s pod system deliver a vaping experience that many people find best works for them!

Remember: JUUL is a nicotine product intended for adults of legal purchase age. JUUL was created and designed for adult smokers, and as such, it is not appropriate or intended for youth.