5 Popular Tobacco Flavour E-Liquids


Right now, Canada has a ban on most flavoured vaping products, prohibiting flavours other than tobacco, menthol, and mint. It doesn’t mean that you, the legal enjoyer of vaping, don’t have a variety at your disposal, though! Here are five incredibly popular tobacco-flavoured e-liquids you can enjoy, no matter how you choose to vape. 

VanGo TobaccoLand Captain (60ml)


TobaccoVanGo Vapes is a premium e-juice manufacturer and distributor based in Vancouver. Their line of TobaccoLand vapes includes Captain, almost perfectly replicating the experience of a cigarillo. You’ll enjoy the taste of a cigar delivered with the smoothness of a classic vaping experience. 

When you first inhale Captain, you’ll notice the cigar has notes of deep rich chocolate and a creamy texture; on the exhale, the subtle sweetness of caramel balances the rich flavours from the cigar and chocolate.


Stlth Tobacco Blend


The nicotine blend is proprietary, purposely made extra smooth to accommodate adult smokers who want to switch from traditional tobacco to something without the tar or impurities of cigarettes. The Tobacco Blend, with its medium blend tobacco flavour, is optimized for the STLTH system. This well-crafted flavour is designed specifically for the STLTH pod. Each pack contains three pod cartridges, with 2.0 mL of e-liquid per cartridge.


JUUL Golden & Virginia Tobacco


You’ll find two JUUL flavours in Canada, but they’re both incredible for those looking to quit smoking. The Virginia Tobacco flavour includes earthy notes and a smooth finish; Golden Tobacco has a smooth flavour that brings a mellow finish. Each JUUL pod should give you roughly 200 puffs before it needs changing.

JUUL’s e-juice is a proprietary formulation combining glycerol, propylene glycol, flavour, nicotine, and benzoic acid. Together with the temperature-regulated vapour technology of the pod system, the chemistry gives JUUL users a vapour experience unlike any other. The pod system is also low-key and simulates the feel of a cigarette in your hand. 


AllDay Vapor Tobacco Mint Salt Nicotine (30ml)


TobaccoAllDay Vapor’s Tobacco Mint salt nicotine has a rich tobacco flavour infused with a fresh hint of mint. “Salt Nicotine” is a treated form of nicotine that saturates both nitrogen ports, neutralizing the harshness of freebase nicotine. It’s a more natural kind of flavour, too – the tobacco plant produces what we refer to as “salt” nicotine, not the freebase kind!

This Salt-based nicotine has a ratio of 50% VG to 50% PG. It’s recommended for mouth-to-lung vapers using low-powered devices running at around 5-30 watts with a coil that has a resistance of over 1.8 Ohms.


Gogo Juice Menthol Tobacco


Another Canadian company, Gogo Juice brought two of the most popular classic flavours together in this e-juice: tobacco and menthol. If you used to love menthol cigarettes, Gogo Juice’s Menthol flavour of e-juice is guaranteed to satisfy you as you kick your habit! It’s formulated at a ratio of 70% VG to 30% PG, the ideal level for those who want big clouds and a little throat hit.