Kangertech MT 32 SOCC


Kanger MT32 Single Organic Cotton Coils

New KangerTech MT32 SOCC (Single Organic Cotton Coil) for the following Kanger clearomizer tanks:

  • Kanger Protank II
  • Kanger Mini Protank
  • Kanger Mini Protank II
  • Kanger EVOD (the original EVOD V1 not the EVOD 2)
  • Kanger Unitank
  • Kanger Mini Unitank

These coils are virtually identical to the existing coils, but the original coils have a silica wick, whereas these are cotton.

The price is for 5 coils unless you select more. When you buy 10 you get a discounted price.


The main difference between a lower number ohm coil head (for example 1.8 ohm) versus a higher number (for example 2.2 ohm) is that less voltage is required for the lower ohm coil. So if you’re using a standard electronic cigarette battery this means the lower the ohms the faster the battery will drain. The lower ohm coil is also likely to heat faster, produce a warmer vapour and more of it.

This product complies with European CE and RoHS standards.


When using cotton coils, ensure the coil is thoroughly saturated in e-liquid before use. Avoid dry hits (avoid the cotton inside the coil being heated when it’s dry