Sigelei Fuchai 213W Box Mod

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The Sigelei Fuchai 213W TC Box Mod builds directly upon the original 213, integrating Sigelei’s flagship chip that is capable of outputting up to 213W paired with one of the most comprehensive temperature control suites in a new, budget friendly chassis that maintains the performance while at a lower price point. Utilizing Sigelei’s most sophisticated chipset in it’s form factor, the Fuchai 213W TC features support for Kanthal, Titanium, Ni200 Nickel, and Stainless Steel heating elements along with wattage output up to the namesake 213W. This is powered via bottom loaded dual 18650 batteries with a sliding and locking mechanism that clicks securely securely into place and makes battery replacement quick and easy. Showcasing the 213W TC is the inclusion of both TCR (TCR Mode now calculated in Celsius) and TFR functionality with a 5 Coil Memory bank, greatly extending precision and customization. The inclusion of power preheat, in which a user set wattage and time dials output to ramp or decrease appropriately, and a temperature compensation mode that can compensate for fluctuations in temperature, combine to create one of the most sophisticated output capabilities available today on market. The OLED screen features a three column, four row display matrix that provides an amount of essential data at a glance, from detailed battery state and battery life meters to output voltage, resistance, and wattage. Two adjustment buttons are positioned on top of the OLED screen making it ergonomically feasible to use and adjust the Fuchai 213W with a single hand. The chassis design remains the same as the original 213, while moving into a lighter aluminum alloy material that offers a good balance of weight and durability. The Sigelei 213W features a Stainless Steel 510 with a Gold Plated Spring Loaded 510 to ensure consistent connection as well as durability. Maintaining the stellar performance of the 213 while dramatically reducing cost, the Sigelei Fuchai 213W TC Box Mod is a highly affordable yet supremely well balanced performance device,

Product Features

● Dimensions: 88mm x 44mm x 29mm

● 213W Maximum Output Wattage

○ 10 to 213W

○ 1.0 to 7.5V

○ 0.1 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range

○ 35A Maximum Output

● Preheat Power

○ Set Output Wattage and Time

○ Hugely Increases Vaping Capability and Precision

● Temperature Control

○ Ni200 Nickel Support

○ Titanium Support

○ Stainless Steel Support




○ TCR Functionality

■Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity

○ TFR Functionality

■Temperature Factor of Resistivity

○ Resistance Read and Lock

○ 5 Coil Memory Bank

○ 200 to 570 Degrees Fahrenheit

● Sliding and Locking Bottom Battery Access Door

○ Accepts Two 18650 Batteries (sold separately)

● Ergonomically Placed Controls

○ One Hand Operation

○ Adjustment Buttons Clustered Next to Firing Button

● New OLED Display

○ Four Row, Three Column Display

○ Atomizer Resistance

○ Output Voltage

○ Output Current

○ Battery State and Battery Life Indicator

○ Output Wattage

○ Output Temperature
–Micro USB Charge and Update Port

○ 2A Maximum Charge Rate
–Trim and Striking Design

○ Sharp Angular Control Face

○ Curved Chassis

● Aluminum Alloy Chassis

● Stainless Steel 510 Connection

○ Spring Loaded Gold Plated Connection

● High Input Voltage/Reverse Battery/Low Resistance/Battery Imbalance/Low Input Voltage/Short Circuit/Overheating Protection

Package Contents

● 1 x Sigelei 213W Box Mod

● 1 x User Manual

● 1 x Micro USB Cable

● 1 x Security Code Card

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