Airistech Aris Viva

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The Airistech VIVA is a portable vaporizer for dry Tobacco and flower featuring an advanced OLED, digital temperature settings and has a pretty large bowl chamber for a portable vaporizer.


With its smooth lines and blue LED display, the Viva looks stylish and we found it is easy to work and quick to heat up – only around 1 minute! The temperature can be set to whatever you like, and automatically reheats to your last set temperature. The large stainless-steel chamber can take up to half a gram of dried Tobacco. The Viva is significantly smaller than other vapes and easily fits in the hand but it does not feel hot to hold.


  • No exposed element – the Viva bakes, not burns
  • Micro design – truly portable, easy to carry, fits inside the palm
  • Large chamber – with replaceable mesh screen
  • Optimised, adjustable temperature system – select any temperature you like
  • Quick Heat – the Viva takes only around one minute to be ready
  • Smart Screen – the LED display shows the temperature, battery power, and current state (“HEAT” means it is warming up, “WARM” means it is ready to use)
  • Memory Function – the Viva will automatically heat to the last set temperature when turned back on
  • Safety Shut Off – the Viva turns off after 5 minutes of no use
  • Durable design – made from high-grade materials. RoHS certification
  • Food-grade mouthpiece – designed to reduce heat from the device
  • Huge capacity 2200mah Li-Polymer battery – with micro usb charging, low voltage protection, and auto shutdown (5min without use)


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