215W IJOY Limitless LUX Dual 26650 Box MOD Kit – 8400mAh

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Product Introduction

IJOY Limitless LUX dual 26650 Box Mod, equipped with 215W high power output and variable temperature control system, it can support Nickel200, Titanium, and Stainless Steel heating materials. It comes with special setup mode which allows you to enjoy incredible vaping experience and enviable eye.


Screen size: 0.66″OLED.

Size: 101.8*57.9*31mm /4.0*2.27*1.2 inches.

Output Wattage: 5W – 215W

Output Voltage: 0.5Volts – 8.0Volts.

Output Current: 1.0A – 36A.

Temperature Range: 300-600°F/ 150-315℃

Wattage control mode wire Resistance Range: 0.06ohm-3.0ohm

Power efficiency: 95%.

Fire method: Stainless steel metal stretch button.

Adjust power method: up and down button.

Upgradable firmware: YES.

Output mode: VW/TI/NI/SS and special USER Mode

Cell type:

High-rate 26650 cell (discharging current should be above 40A)

High-rate 18650 cell with the help of battery sleeve (discharging current should be above 35A)

215W IJOY Limitless LUX Dual 26650 Box MOD Kit - 8400mAh

It comes with

  • 1 x Limitless LUX MOD
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 2 x battery sleeve
  • 2 x IJOY INR26650 4200mAh battery
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x warranty card

Simple packing. Customary packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.


Dual 26650 batteries(included in this kit)

Firmware upgradeable

Zinc Alloy compact chassis

Interchangeable sleeves(More design coming soon)

Huge heating vent holes

Full Temperature Control(NI/TI/SS)

Longer Life-span than triple 18650

215W IJOY Limitless LUX Dual 26650 Box MOD Kit - 8400mAh

  1. Installing The Batteries
    Take out the mod sleeves,insert dual 26650 cells into battery slot. You can also use 18650 cells with the help of battery sleeve.

    2. Power On/off
    Press the fire button 5 times in quick succession to turn the device on and
    off. After switch on, OLED display IJOY logo and software version number at stand by mode.
    (Note: Please adjust the wattage to a proper range to match the atomizer you used before using.)

    215W IJOY Limitless LUX Dual 26650 Box MOD Kit - 8400mAh
    3. Vaping
    While the device is power on, just keep pressing the fire button to vape ( Firing timeout: 10Seconds). While the device is power on, the OLED screen default display VW Mode.

    4. Menus
    Press the fire button 3 times in 2s to enter the menu while device on, then you will go to the operation menu,+/-button do menu moves, fire button to confirm.

    215W IJOY Limitless LUX Dual 26650 Box MOD Kit - 8400mAh
    5. Temp Mode Ni/Ti /SS
    1. Temperature control mode screen display information(working wattage, resistance,voltage,working temperature,and battery power)
    2. Press + and – button to increase and decrease,fire button to confirm,then you can switch to adjust temp or wattage.
    3.  The system can switch between °C and °F by scrolling pass the minimum or maximum temperatures.

    6. VW Mode
    The default wattage is 30W,In this mode, output wattage can be adjusted from 5W to 215W by pressing the regulatory buttons, + increase and-to decrease.
    215W IJOY Limitless LUX Dual 26650 Box MOD Kit - 8400mAh
    7. Setup Mode
    When enter to this mode,the screen display NORM/HARD /SOFT/USER
    Manage the mode of temperature control:

  • Norm Mode: That’s is your current wattage chosen before.
  • Hard Mode: Powerful +30% than your setting before wattage.
  • Soft Mode: Powerful -20% than your setting before wattage.

User Mode
According to personal like,it allows users to customize working waveband before 3 seconds out put wattage.

Total six histograms means before 3s output wattage. Each histogram means 0.5S output wattage gains,the middle position it means normal output, above middle position each block means increase current wattage 10%,.Press “+” and “-” button adjust the current wattage, press fire button move to next histogram. When finish setting,move to the arrow symbol, then press + or-to return the home screen.

8. Malfunction Indication and Protection
PCB temperature overheat protection:

When the temperature of device is too high, the output will shut off automatically and the screen will display “PCB TOO HOT”

Low power alert:
When battery voltage is below 6.4V , the device shows “LOW BATTERY”
PCB Atomizer short-circuit protection:
When atomizer short-circuit occurs, the OLED screen will display “SHORTED”
No Atomizer:
when no atomizer connect, the device will display”No atomizer”
Low resistance protection:
When the resistance is lower than 0.06ohm, the OLED screen will display “OHMS TOO LOW”.
When the resistance is higher than 3ohm, the OLED screen will display “OHMS TOO HIGH”.

  • 510 threaded
  • There are two 26650 batteries for this Limitless LUX MOD kit.

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